Cult of UHF episode 47 “A Boy and His Dog”

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Enjoy a true classic in cinema, A Boy and His Dog.

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5 Comments on “Cult of UHF episode 47 “A Boy and His Dog””

  1. Dr Wright Says:

    Your dog telling you a suggestive story and Don Johnson at his creepiest! His obsession with ramming things up someone’s butt is hilarious.

  2. Jaime Says:

    One of the best.

  3. avallanius Says:


    Thanks for digging this rare nugget up. I agree with the good Doctor the ass references are wortha few more minutes @ confessional.

    Apocalyptic movies are compulsive viewing.

    I saw this on a double bill years ago with a film about ants “PhaseIV”, I have never been camping since.

  4. Ace Rockola Says:

    One word: Wretched!

    Okay, including these words, and the intro, twelve words.

  5. switchbladeknitter Says:

    This movie will now hold a permanent place on my ipod.
    Apocalypse scenario, even more bizarre other world, twisted woman (aren’t we all?) and of course, the talking dog. What more could a girl want?
    Oh and the final scene – PERFECT!!

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