Cult of UHF episode 42 “The Atomic Brain”

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We’ve got some great Testify voicemails and a great movie for you this episode. The Atomic Brain!
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3 Comments on “Cult of UHF episode 42 “The Atomic Brain””

  1. Pygar Says:

    Ok, I have a few questions about this “wonderful” movie.

    1) Can someone explain the British girls accent? To me it sounds a little southern. Maybe thats how they talk in southern England.

    2) If you put a cats brain into a human, they act like a cat. So why didn’t cat-girl land on her feet when she fell off the roof?

    3) a) How do you fit a human brain into a cats skull?
    b) Why did the cat continue to act like a cat?

    This is what happens when I watch this stuff at 3am.

  2. Avallanius Says:

    I am British & even I have difficulty understanding their “proper accents”, maybe it’s a brain defect. Anyone for a CAT scan!

  3. Letitia Says:

    The Cheese was sooo thick and creamy! I love that movie!

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