Cult of UHF episode 40 “The Last Man on Earth”

Happy 2 year anniversary faithful viewers!
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13 Comments on “Cult of UHF episode 40 “The Last Man on Earth””

  1. […] visit Reverend Chumley and join his Cult of UHF! They’ve just posted Episode #40, “The Last Man on Earth.” Other episodes have included Guy With the Secret Kung Fu, Santa Claus Conquers the […]

  2. Jason "DeVoiD" Says:

    Hey Rev, I have a very interesting fact about this movie, last man on earth. I watched it about a week after you released it, and I loved it. Then just a couple of weeks ago, i bought the audiobook “I Am Legend”. well about 20 minutes into the audiobook, i noticed that he was talking about making stakes in his home. hmmmm, i saw that in the movie. next, he has a station wagon in the garage… WOW, thats in the movie. next, their is this guy outside him home calling him, wanting him to come out from the safety of the home, so he could suck his blood. CRAZY, thats way much of a co-inky-dink… then the Dog, and it dies… that did it for me

    so, i finally sought the web, and find that the book was originally published by Richard Matheson in 1954, and the movie came out in 1964 and the writer is… you guessed it, Richard Matheson.

    I could not find anything to say that the last man on earth is based on his 1954 book, but it must be.

    but how about that then, pretty cool eh. I love the movie (last man on earth), it was really well done. The audiobook takes you in, and you get to understand the character, and it is really depressing, and quite disturbing, so i would still pick the original movie over the audiobook. of course i havent seen the new I Am Legend yet..

    last funny thing, in the book, the guy is blue eyed, i wonder if Will Smith is wearing contacts.

    Thanks again for all the great movies… keep the ones like the last man on earth comming, me no like the kung-foo that much… yes im the odd man out…. cause i may not like them much, but my kung-foo is strong.

    Jason, “DeVoiD”

  3. cultofuhf Says:

    You are correct Jason, it is an adaptation of I am legend the book. Since the movie was coming out soon I decided to put this version on the Cult. If your interested there was another film adaptation called “The Omega Man”. Check it out.

  4. Jason "DeVoiD" Says:

    BTW for reference: for the movie info

    and for the book.

    Thanks Culfofuhf, man youre a fast poster.. LOL

    keep up the great work, i/ew really apprecciatre you posting these, they really help escape from the world.

    have a good night.

  5. Jason "DeVoiD" Says:

    i LOVED the omega man! are you going to post that too, or is it out there for free? the only thing with omega man, was he made the people look like they were albinos.. LOL

  6. Jason "DeVoiD" Says: for the book of I am legand

    and for movie info.

  7. Letitia Says:

    Loved this movie and I loved I am Legend, dont care who Will ripped off. Vincent does a great job in this movie. I totally bought him as a family man!I had not seen it before you shared this one Rev!

  8. most of the time i listen to audiobooks while surfing the net, i love to multitask he he “

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  12. Lorrie Behan Says:

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