Cult of UHF episode 37 “The Screaming Skull”

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The Reverend goes through his Skull collection and presents a great flick The Screaming Skull! The Reverend and the Email Monk will be at Dragoncon this labor day weekend so say hey!
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5 Comments on “Cult of UHF episode 37 “The Screaming Skull””

  1. Letitia Says:

    Love the movie, but have a few questions:
    Is this a movie with benefits?
    Was the Rev’s wife a COUGAR?
    and Did they EVER get the electricity on in the house

    and oh yes
    HOW sweet was that mercedes?

  2. cultofuhf Says:

    To answer your questions Letita

    1) only if you’ve accrued 401k options under clause 4, or I’m drunk.
    2) Yes thank goodness
    3) No, it was shortly destroyed in a battle between Godzilla and Mothra
    4) I’d say as sweet as simple syrup but not quite as sweet at honey

  3. Letitia Says:

    well , keep the body part theme going, if you could get Hand of Manos that would be very cool!

  4. Cassandra Says:

    THE SCREAMING SKULL is a GREAT example of how NOT to convert printed media to film–the original story by F. Marion Crawford being one of the classic ghost stories of all-time—but with that objection out of the way. Thanks for bringing it to us, your Holiness. Letitia had a good suggestion for a future film but I was thinking of another…THE MAZE starring Richard Carlson,,,they really don’t get much cheesier than that! (All Praise to the Cheese!)

    And, lastly, I was so happy to find you on-line. We here in Minneapolis used to have a local television program called HORROR INCORPORATED that brought us films like this every Saturday Night. But the TV station cancelled a couple of years back…over MUCH protest from viewers because they decided they could find higher revenues with infomercials and other such stuff.

    My soul has been saved by the Cult of UHF!

  5. cultofuhf Says:

    Welcome to the flock Cassandra and TESTIFY!

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