Cult of UHF episode 36 “The Brain That Wouldn’t Die”

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The Rev had some family problems recently so he's just slapped a crappy opening on a fantastic movie this episode.  So is life, but don't worry we got a great movie for you "The Brain that wouldn't die"!

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4 Comments on “Cult of UHF episode 36 “The Brain That Wouldn’t Die””

  1. Wow, that movie was so bad, it changed its name at the end!

  2. Brian g Says:

    Yessir! i feel a healin comin on the holy static has envolpled me in the light that is uhf. I am bathed in the glow that is craptastic tv!!!!!! low and behold The right rev. Chumley for he is a harbinger a prophet of saturday afternoon grindhouse!!!!!!

    In all honesty this is absoultly brilliant it really takes me back to my childhood if i can make a request “master of the flying guillotine” one of the best/worst moves ever in the kungfu genre

  3. Baxter T Says:

    Reverend, I have embraced the cheese!
    Yikes, was that movie bad! I wanted them to explain how she was able to speak when she had no lungs or diaphram to move air and her head was sitting on a tray!
    And what was up with the creature in the closet! Is it just me, or did he look like the guy in the Goonies?
    Keep up the great work!!

  4. cultofuhf Says:

    Thanks all! Glad you have seen the light that is the Holy Static! Testify on brothers and sisters.

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