Cult of UHF episode 35 “First Spaceship on Venus”

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7 Comments on “Cult of UHF episode 35 “First Spaceship on Venus””

  1. I can’t resist….. Is that a VENETIAN IN YOUR POCKET? ( wait for it) OR are you just GLAD to see me??

  2. Nate Says:

    Praise Venus!

    CoUHF Just got me through the last 2 hours of the dreaded Saturday shift here at the sheds.

    Thanks Rev.

  3. Javier Says:

    Loved the moustache on the news lady!

  4. carle Says:

    Ah, the beauty of old Soviet bloc Constructivist Realism, respect for all races, the rights of women and the glories of singing “The Internatiional” as one voice when of non-alligned pact countries join in on the chorus! But even more, the ham-handed love scene between the ostensible Yuri Gagarin stand-in and the Japanese doctor had me laughing on the bus to work. My only criticism is that damned jingle of yours about the Lettermen. All those varsity jack-offs, er, jackets dancing about to that inane tune kept running thru my brain for days, especially as that is also the collective initials of the Metroploitan Transportation Authority, which usually comes with a certain verb injected between the words, depending upon how late the train is.

    Rev it up, Rev!

  5. cultofuhf Says:

    Mission accomplished then Carle!

    Bad movies are made from letter people come and see them in our movie….

  6. You should sell the letter people shirts and a music CD!
    I buy that, then I can wear it and listen whilst I sip from my COU cheesy cup!

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