Cult of UHF episode 34 “Destroy All Planets”

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Testify Brothers and Sisters! This week we recieve from the Holy Static a great Gamera flick "Destroy all Planets". We have a great time on a guided submarine tour and are visited personally by Viras!Enjoy!

Don’t forget to join us at!

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3 Comments on “Cult of UHF episode 34 “Destroy All Planets””

  1. planetretcon Says:

    OMG, it’s the Gamera Clip Show!

  2. Wow… Gamera punches like TYSON!
    I am sitting here, watching my movie, enjoying a cool beverage in my COU coffe mug!
    It’s Good to be the Queen~ I tell Gamera the same thing I say to Patricia Arquette
    Dont fix your teeth, we love you as you are!

  3. cultofuhf Says:

    Ummmm I bet thats some cheesy beverage! Glad your enjoying your mug Letitia and your side of Gamera!

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