Cult of UHF episode 33 “Colossus and the Amazon Queen”

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Testify brothers and sisters! The Reverend experiments with a new machine in todays episode of Cult of UHF with the fantastic movie Colossus and the Amazon Queen!

We have a new member of the brotherhood this week with the Email-Monk.

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5 Comments on “Cult of UHF episode 33 “Colossus and the Amazon Queen””

  1. Javier Says:

    What an outstanding example of a B-movie worthy of the UHF waves:

    Bad plot: check!
    Ridiculously Bad dialogue: check!
    Editing: check!
    Bad score: check!
    Special FX: Nonexistent!

    Thank you Reverend Chumley. Testify!

  2. Glorfindel Says:

    For the movie: I confess, exactly WHAT was the sing and dance number about? That was just a little too “over the top” for me 🙂

    For the extras, I like the new email monk as well, and the Little Shop of Horrors set was great! Something to be proud of!

    You’ve done it again Reverend Chumley!

  3. Thanks you two and I’ll tell the Email Monk that he’s doing a good job!

  4. Dr. Wright Says:

    Cool movie, the Jazz music playing over the Roman Empire just added to the Cheesy goodness!

    and yes the dance number was creepy!

  5. Baxter T Says:

    Ah… an island full of Amazons and all they really need is men.
    Such catfight goodness!
    The parrot was the best bit though!
    This movie was a 55 gallon drum of cheese, and I work for the Swiss Colony! I know cheese!

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