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Cult of UHF episode 31 “Guy with the Secret Kung Fu”

April 28, 2007

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Testify brothers and sisters! This episode the Rev takes a break for his finals and debuts a new format for the Cult! Thats right, we are now broadcasting in 640×480 instead of 320×240! Check out my forum post at for more details and to give feedback.

Todays movie is "Guy with the Secret Kung Fu" Enjoy!

Cult of UHF episode 30 “Cosmos War of the Planets

April 9, 2007

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OH NO! This week we continue the Saga of the Crimson Executioner and his apparent evil plans to take over the Cult of UHF. What will become of our beloved Leader the Right Reverend Chumley? Stay tuned during todays movie Cosmos: War of the Planets!

Dummm Dummmmm DUmmmmmmmmmmmM!