Cult of UHF episode 27 “Killers from Space”

Testify Brothers and sisters! This week we feature the movie Killers from Space a great movie and I know you'll enjoy it! You get to see a very young Peter Graves and bug eyed aliens galore.

We even get a visit from a representative of the anti-alien defamation legal department.  

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2 Comments on “Cult of UHF episode 27 “Killers from Space””

  1. nicholas Says:

    (Alleged) Killers From Space
    Ohhhhh Reverend!
    Praise be!!
    This has to be your best podcast yet!!
    All those terrifying creatures!!…The Grasshopper, The Iguana, The Tarantulas, Those Cockroaches, Those Costumes!!!!!!
    YIIIII!!!!, EEEEEK!!!!
    I may not sleep for weeks!!!
    Oh praise and testify to the greatness of the reverend (ON HI) for he shall inherit the devoted worship of millions! (And the podcast ratings of dozens!)
    Please Oh Please!! bring us more of these cinematic “masterpieces”!!!

  2. Thanks for the Alleged qualifier Nick, at least I won’t be hearing from that damn Space Lawyer this time.

    And thanks for the kind words! I’ve got a weird one in store for next sermon. You’ll either love it or hate it. 🙂

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