Cult of UHF episode 13 “House on Haunted Hill”

First I would like to appologize about last episodes movie and the sync problems.? I’ve got that all worked out now and as a special treat I’m releasing episode 13 sooner than normal! AND its a classic film presented in widescreen format, House on Haunted Hill starring Vincent Price.? This truly is a fantastic movie so ENJOY!

And don’t forget to send us your feedback! or call the Testify hotline at 206-350-CULT!? We’ll play you on the show!

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2 Comments on “Cult of UHF episode 13 “House on Haunted Hill””

  1. Genesis Says:

    hey there,

    I’m a big fan of your show..Currently working my way through all podcasts.
    Do you happen to know the year this movie was made?

  2. cultofuhf Says:

    Testify Genesis!

    House on Haunted Hill was made in good ole 1959.

    Welcome to the Cult!

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